Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Westvleteren 12

I've blogged about this beer before. Even used a picture outside of the brewery for a profile picture. Fabulous stuff, as many reviewers would say, and a couple sites call it the best beer on the planet. I'm certainly a fan.

It is just so hard to get. They don't sell the stuff into the retail chain. You can't simply go to your neighborhood bar and grab a case. This is fine -- the monks are only making as much profit as they need, rather than being sell-outs. But it makes it hard as a consumer.

So... Answer is that the abbey will sell you cases. But you have to call ahead of time. And call. And call. AND CALL. The problem? The line is busy. There are so many people trying to get their beer reserved, that you need to be hovering over your Redial key.

This morning, I finally got through. Talked to the monk and reserved three cases of the Westvleteren 12, to be picked up next Tuesday. It'll be a nice long drive through the Belgian countryside, but it is worth it.

You know... Belgium does have its high points!

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