Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Europeans Smoke Too Much

I've become very used to heading into a bar in Europe and wading thru smoke. I keep a machete on hand for just that purpose -- it is that thick.

And here is my obligatory stereotype comment: European is full of smokers. Fine with me. It's the culture. I'm not about to tell anybody to stop. But I am happy to return to the United States where the anti-smoking peeps have dug in and keep the air smoke-free in restaurants and bars and whatnot. Here in EU? I just deal. No complaints.

Today? Oh, dear. I've realized that the people here have elevated smoking to a whole new level. Not quite to Millenium levels, but wow.

I was out walking through the nearby forest / park. Some serious stuff here, with big trails for walking, biking, and even horses. Today, I finally saw some peeps on horses. They're at walking speed on the trail, going the opposite way. And guess what?

They're smoking. On the back of the horse. In the beautiful outdoor forest.


I hope these people will wake up one day and realize the world is a much more beautiful, clean, and clear place, when the haze of their smoke is not filling their lungs and face. I don't mind (lots of fresh air out there), but I feel bad for them ... not realizing what they are missing.


wcoenen said...

The prevalence of smoking in itself doesn't vary that much between the USA and western Europe. Stay clear of Afghanistan though :-)

Legislation in Europe is typically not as strict as in the USA but things are changing.

Mike5 said...

It depends on the country I guess. I used to smoke for years, but didn't like to walk into a smoke-filled bar anyhow. Even more so once I quit. But luckily, the law in our EU country now forbids smoking in closed public places. It's so nice walking into a bar nowadays. Not that do it often these days :)

gnuyoga said...


feel the same

(while this comment am in pamplona)