Friday, June 19, 2009

My Bacon Number

No, not the tasty pork product.

The actor...

I've just discovered that Wil Wheaton has a Bacon Number of One, after appearing with him in She's Having a Baby.

Back in 2004, I played poker with Wil after his keynote speech at ApacheCon in Vegas.

Thus... my Bacon Number is Two.


Fitz said...

Rock! So I guess losing my shirt at that table was worth it after all!

Rich said...

Wow. And I had a book signing with him. I feel ... mmmm ... Bacony goodness.

Wei-Hwa said...

Unless you played poker with him in a movie, I don't think that counts.

(I appeared in a TV episode with Ben Stein, who has a Bacon number of one.)

Interestingly enough, the Oracle of Bacon lists Wil Wheaton has having a Bacon number of two. Presumably since he was uncredited in "She's Having A Baby". Instead, Wil gets linked via "The Last Starfighter", even though all of his lines got cut.

Greg Stein said...

Well... non-actors get to remove the actor constraint :-) I also figured it was fair game, given that Bacon himself used non-actors in a Visa check card commercial, as noted on Wikipedia.

Robert said...

I expect nothing less from Mr. Stein.

A couple of months ago I was at a dinner party. The host invited a couple that happened to be sitting next to her on a plane ride from some far away place in the Southern hemisphere. Long story short, this couple met in a bar in Tahoe having drinks with Greg.

They probably know Kevin Bacon too.