Friday, August 15, 2008


People who follow my Twitter feed have seen that I'm currently in Hawaii (spur of the moment trip!). Kauai to be precise. This is the first time on this island. I've been to Oahu and Maui a couple times each, and the Big Island once. Kauai is a pretty island, and lightly populated.

Yesterday, I had a Hawaiian "plate lunch" with Kahlua pig and Laulau. Wow. An incredibly tasty meal! Another local item I learned about is Koa wood. It has a beautiful grain that shows through when polished. I saw some very artistic boxes made of Koa wood at a store here in Lihue. One other "local item" is the Red Dirt t-shirt that I bought. Some very cool products!

This visit is fun, but a bit somber because the reason for the visit is to care for a sick family member (doing okay!). I'll be back to Kauai in October and that will be a "real" vacation.

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Anni G said...

Um, I don't recall any of the in-laws living on Kuaui, and your mom didn't say anything when I talked to her this week, so it must be the gf's. Seriously (seriously!), now that you've "left Google" and are "in a relationship" can we please get divorced? I'm just sayin'...