Saturday, August 02, 2008


Thanks everyone for the well-wishes!

The most frequent question i've been asked is which Open Source project(s) I'll be working on. The non-helpful answer is "whatever seems cool" :-) seriously, though... I do have some ideas now, but nothing really ties me to them except if they're interesting.

Big ones right now are the svn working copy library, the serf library, and the new Apache web server. Thinking about some others, but first up is to jump back into svn.


bbum said...

Please, for the love of all things deities, fix the fucking opaque collections in Subversion so that I don't have to explain to another graphic artist why Svn isn't smart enough to do whatever the fuck it was they did with their folder full of shit in the Finder / Explorer / whatever.

500ml of my yet-to-be-bottled anejo in payment, perchance?

Ben Collins-Sussman said...

libsvn_wcng!! DO IT!!!

Karl Fogel said...

What bbum and sussman said. NOTHING is more important to Subversion right now than wc-ng.

I'll throw in a bottle of anejo too.