Monday, October 26, 2009

SubConf and ApacheCon

I'm about to head to the airport, leaving for Munich, Germany. SubConf is happening there this week. Last year, I gave a keynote; this year, I'm not giving any talks, but simply attending to work with the other Subversion committers. CollabNet, elego, and WANdisco have all pitched in to make my trip possible (thanks, guys!). Their businesses are built on Subversion, and getting committers together is a great way to make Subversion better, and grow their business.

I guess that I don't post enough about my hacking here, but Subversion has been occupying all my coding over the past year+. I'm working on rebuilding its "working copy library" -- the library that manages all those ".svn" subdirectories you see when using Subversion. There are several other people in the community that are working on this change, too. It is a huge amount of work, but will make Subversion much, much faster. The new library will appear in Subversion 1.7, which should be released early next year.

After SubConf, then I'm flying off to San Francisco. Going to see a bunch of people over the weekend, bar crawl on Halloween, and then spend next week at ApacheCon in Oakland. This is going to be a big event, as we're celebrating the ten year anniversary of the Apache Software Foundation. Huge milestone!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Posting about the Xbox again

For a couple years, I posted quite regularly to my Xbox blog. Then... nothing for pretty much the past three years.

Well. I've got my Xbox plugged in again. I've got the time. And I've been playing.

... so I started posting again. Go check it out, if you're a gamer.