Saturday, November 19, 2016

PSA: Redbud Custom Homes

Most of my recent posts have been technology-related, but for this ... I'm throwing back to something a bit more personal. This is a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to provide my opinion (and my wife's) on the Austin-area builder named Redbud Custom Homes (and its owner Michael Alwan). In short: we think they suck more horribly than any other business that we've ever interacted with.

On their since-deleted Facebook business page, I wrote my thoughts:
Completely unprofessional. Poor communications, poor scheduling, poor follow-through, incomplete work, requires nagging, ... on and on. Michael is personable, but (IMO) does not have the skills to run a business and to *follow through* on completing the home we contracted him to build.
I have countless stories of failure, so I don't even know where to start. Ask a question if you're actually considering working with Redbud. I'll provide my own experience.
My wife has also written a series of Facebook posts about our problems, detailing her opinions on the matter:

She has prepared a long review for Houzz (unpublished, at this time), but the abbreviated review on Yelp still provides a lot of material for reading.

The anger and frustration that we feel is only partly described by the above posts. After over a year of neglect, we filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau; it is now published on their website. A small thing, but symbolic of the overall failure to execute.

If you are thinking about contracting with Redbud Custom Homes, then please read our thoughts to help form your own opinion.

I hope this PSA saves somebody from similar pain in the future. Good luck.

Updated 12/15/2016: added a couple more links, some labels, BBB complaint, and noted owner/proprietor as Michael Alwan
Updated 12/20/2016: link to Yelp review