Saturday, August 22, 2015

My Google Code projects have moved

Back in March, Google announced that the project hosting service on Google Code was shutting down. I wrote a post about why/how we started the service. ... But that closure time has arrived.

There are four projects on Google Code that I work on. Here is the disposition of each one:
This has become Apache Serf, under the umbrella of the Apache Software Foundation. Justin and I started serf at Apache back in 2003. Two people are not sufficient for an Apache community, so we moved the project out of the ASF. We had a temporary location, but moved it to Google Code's project hosting at the service's launch, where it has resided for almost 10 years. The project now has a good community and is returning to its original home.
(link to: old project site)

This is a portability library that I started, as a tighter replacement for APR. Haven't worked on it lately, but will get back to it, as I believe it is an interesting and needed library. I've moved it to GitHub.

This is a very old, very simple yet capable, and mature templating library that I wrote for Python. It is used in many places due to its simplicity and speed. Also moved to GitHub.

This is my personal repository for random non-project work. I open source everything, even if it might not be packaged perfectly for use. Somebody might find utility in a block of code, so I keep it all open. The code in this repository isn't part of a team effort, so I'm not interested in the tooling over at GitHub. I just want an svn repository to keep history, and to keep it offsite. For this repository, I've chosen Wildbit's beanstalk, and the repository has been published/opened.
(link to: old project site)
I'm sad to see Google Code go away, and I don't consider the above movements ideal. But it's the best I've got right now. Flow with the times...